Security Services

Security Consulting Services

Executive Protection (EP) Audits

How often does your executive protection personnel train in first aid and emergency medicine? How often do they polish their driving skills? Are terrorists or organized criminals covertly surveilling your HQ or the residences of your principal officers? Amaker & Associates can:

  • Evaluate Your Existing EP Program
  • Benchmark Your Executive Residential Security System
  • Audit Your Corporate and Executive Transportation System

Facility Security

Amaker & Associates can supervise the design of state-of-the-art integrated security systems and manage the installation and integration of complex security systems including access control, digital video recording, CCTV, intercom and programmable logic controls. We effectively interact with all parties involved and skillfully lead the technical teams through precision planning and scheduling to successful completion of projects. We provide consultation for overt as well as covert video surveillance systems. We help the client assess their security needs and bring all of our resources together to meet those needs. Targeted violence awareness training, insider threat mitigation, and other timely topics are available for client discussion.

Facility Security Audits

  • Security Surveys of Corporate Facilities and Campuses, Sporting Venues and Stadiums
  • Develop Emergency Preparedness and Continuation of Operations Strategies for Your Home, Office, or Commercial Establishment
  • Review Your Workplace Violence Prevention Programs
  • Audit Your Facility Access Control, Fire Alarms, Credentialing, and Video Surveillance Systems
  • Conduct a Facility Physical Security Survey
  • Conduct Threat Assessments and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Counter-surveillance and Red Team Evaluations
  • Scrutinize Inner, Middle and Outer Perimeter Controls to Defeat Progressive Intrusion

Major Event Security Planning

Hosting a major corporate, sports, religious, or charity event? Let the people who helped originate security planning for National Special Security Events plan your security. Get the best level of security possible for your budget. We can provide advance preparations and analysis for the protection of an individual event, venue, or long term assignment including:

  • Manage the Installation of Specific Physical Security Systems Needs and Controls
  • Benchmark systems used in the Identification and Screening of Individuals
  • Information and Protective Intelligence Analysis to Formulate Security Plans and Support a Safe Environment
  • Engagement with Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Partners for Coordination of Response
  • Provide Technical security for a Specific Operational Security Plan for the Screening and Protection of Particular Assets, Individuals or Places

Staff Training

We specialize in training on strategic or tactical security operations, policies and procedures.