Security Guard

Who We Are

Amaker & Associates Investigations, LLC is a firm with the mission of providing its clients expert investigative assistance in the area of financial investigations, litigation support, insider threat mitigation, general security planning, and expert security consultation. Led by a Certified Fraud Examiner and former Special Agent in Charge, Amaker & Associates Investigations, LLC will provide expert professionals to bear on your problem. This association of experts includes former federal agents from the U.S. Secret Service and other elite agencies and retired detectives from major metropolitan areas. Most Associates have held, and many still hold, Top Secret security clearances from the U.S. government.

With decades of investigative experience, the Associates of Amaker & Associates also excel at locating missing persons and missing heirs. Trial preparation is also enhanced when our investigators help you find missing witnesses, interview reluctant witnesses, or locate assets.

Amaker & Associates is a licensed private investigation firm in the State of North Carolina (NC PI Lic. # 4066), associated with national and international organizations.